2014.04.27 11:46

[ windbg explotiable 를 예측해주는 플러그인 이다 ] 

 dll 파일을 windbg 의 wintext 폴더에 넣어주고 ( window 비트수에 맞춰서.,.)

크래시가 터졌을때 아래 명령어로 검사를 해 줄 수 있다.


You may need to explicitly load the MSEC DLL. If you installed it to the winext sub-directory, you can load

it with 

  !load winext\msec.dll


Gives an analysis, including a proposed bug title

!exploitable -v

Gives a verbose analysis

!exploitable -m

Gives the same output as -v, but formatted for easy machine 

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