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[ ROP gadget finder ] ROP 가젯 찾아주는 소스코드 (ARM MIPS x64 등등 지원)

진짜 가젯 찾아주는데 최고인 것 같다.

관련 자료  : https://github.com/JonathanSalwan/ROPgadget/

GitHub (v5.1 - 21-04-2014) https://github.com/JonathanSalwan/ROPgadget/

How to install

$ git clone -b master git@github.com:JonathanSalwan/ROPgadget.git
$ cd ROPgadget
$ cd ./dependencies/capstone-next
$ ./make.sh
$ sudo ./make.sh install
$ cd ./bindings/python
$ make 

$ sudo make install


usage: ROPgadget.py [-h] [-v] [--binary <binary>] [--opcode <opcodes>]
                    [--string <string>] [--memstr <string>] [--depth <nbyte>]
                    [--only <key>] [--filter <key>] [--range <start-end>]
                    [--thumb] [--console] [--norop] [--nojop] [--nosys]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  -v, --version        Display the ROPgadget's version
  --binary <binary>    Specify a binary filename to analyze
  --opcode <opcodes>   Searh opcode in executable segment
  --string <string>    Search string in readable segment
  --memstr <string>    Search each byte in all readable segment
  --depth <nbyte>      Depth for search engine (default 10)
  --only <key>         Only show specific instructions
  --filter <key>       Suppress specific instructions
  --range <start-end>  Search between two addresses (0x...-0x...)
  --thumb              Use the thumb mode for the search engine. (ARM only)
  --console            Use an interactive console for search engine
  --norop              Disable ROP search engine
  --nojop              Disable JOP search engine
  --nosys              Disable SYS search engine

console commands:
  display              Display all gadgets
  help                 Display the help
  load                 Load all gadgets
  quit                 Quit the console mode 

search Search specific keywords or not

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